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Forever to You! - is a hentai visual novel, with elements of a card game from the collectivity Anicore Team.

In the game Forever to You! there is everything you need for a comfortable game. Pleasant musical accompaniment, high-quality visuals of characters, beautiful backgrounds, variability of dialogues, chapters filled with mini-games and much more that you still have to discover for yourself!

Early in the morning you leave the entrance of your house, full of thoughts about the future, when suddenly you notice a strange man crying on a far bench in the courtyard. However, as you approach the bench, you find no one there, and in the person’s, place is a pack of cards. After picking them up, a strange girl dressed in a harlequin costume appears in front of you. She tells you that the cards are magic and will allow you to get any girl you can play with and defeat her.

What happens next? Who are you going to play with? With your sultry, classical literature teacher at your college? Or maybe your childhood friend, who already has feelings for you? Or maybe with the beautiful Frenchwoman who also happens to be the young hostess of the cafe where you moonlight? Or maybe with the owner of these magical cards? It's up to you to choose!

  • A storyline divided into chapters - each chapter tells a story with a different heroine;
  • The card game is based on a real game of "21no", with modifications to the game;
  • A variety of mini-games found in all chapters;
  • More than 10 bed scenes in the form of a minigame;
  • A handy gallery that allows you to view the open bed scenes;
  • Free undressing card game mode;
  • Pleasant musical accompaniment;
StatusIn development
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Card Game
Tags2D, Adult, Cute, Eroge, Hentai, NSFW, Porn, sex


Buy Now
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$10.00 $5.00 USD or more

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Hello! Any plans for Android release? 

Yes! But after the release of the main game!

Looking forward for the Apk release ✌


hi i recently purchased but when i beat chapter 4 chapter 5 stays locked and wont unlock what do i do

Hello! For now, the rest of the chapters are blocked and will be opened later! Thank you very much for your purchase! As soon as the new chapters are ready, I will definitely notify everyone!


Huh, mind controlling card game. Well, one way. I think I remember seeing this at some point, and noticing the cards took an interest... although it didn't turn out to be a strip blackjack game.

I suppose its some higher stakes blackjack after a fashion, come to think of it.


hello, my game does not work after the 2nd part, a black screen comes and stays, how can I solve this problem?

hope the game gets updated soon

Follow so as not to lose sight of the project!

but the game is really good overall


and the game is 40 percent ready

when i played there is only prologue and chapter 1 and the gallery doesn't work

Hello! The gallery and many functions in the demo version of the game will be blocked. They will definitely appear in the release version! And so yes, only the prologue and 1 chapter are available in the demo.